About our brand


The great outdoors, the garden, walking and jumping in puddles for you... with Blackfox, life includes the outdoor life! To make the most of the pleasures of nature, we give you everything you need to be comfortable outdoors. Boots, half-boots, clogs, shoes and accessories - Blackfox offers a wide range of high quality, comfortable products at affordable prices that have been designed for all outdoor activities, all styles and all ages.

Experience your true nature…

Blackfox has set itself a goal: to enable you to experience nature in your own way. Make outdoor activities enjoyable moments of sharing, discovery and relaxation; simply take the time to enjoy nature and all its gifts: this is the philosophy that drives us! This is the spirit we would like to share with you through our products... Get your boots on, the delights of nature are only a step away...

Three good reasons for “putting on Blackfox”

+ For the QUALITY

We carefully select our materials for their strength and comfort. Most of our products are inspected by a certified body. The products are then approved by a panel of testers to ensure they are waterproof and comfortable on all terrains...

+ For the STYLE

Although utility and practicality are our primary criteria, we never lose sight of the pleasure of spending quality time outdoors in comfort and style! With exclusive shapes and designs and both classic and trend-setting colours you will easily find exactly what you are looking for among many Blackfox designs!


We have chosen to have more than 35% of our manufacturing done in France and in Europe, thereby reducing the greenhouse gas emissions generated by transport. To limit our impact on the environment, Blackfox also offers products made with PVC-free materials that are recyclable.

An inquisitive, inspired and responsible business

Originating in the textile area of Cholet (49) in a family-run business, Blackfox offers a wide range of boots, half-boots, clogs, shoes and garden accessories (aprons, stools, umbrellas, etc).
  • > Suitable for all outdoor activities and all ages, from budding gardeners to experienced gardeners and Sunday strollers, Blackfox products are available in every possible style and for all tastes and from classic products to fun and colourful designs. Unique and fashionable products, especially created by the company’s designers. > Listening to concerns and needs, every season Blackfox is keen to innovate in order to provide optimum value for money combined with ever more cutting edge technical expertise to give greater comfort and easy maintenance. Using PVC, EVA, rubber, SBS, etc, special care is taken in the choice of materials and in the shape of the footwear.
  • > Also attentive to the manufacturing conditions and the environmental impact of its products, the company has about 15% of its products manufactured in France and 20% in other European countries. The brand also offers boots and shoes made with recyclable, non-PVC material